California Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

The Enterprise Zone Hiring Tax Credits Creates a Significant Tax Savings Opportunity



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  What are Enterprise Zones?

The California Trade and Commerce Agency established Enterprise Zones in 1984. Enterprise Zones credits are incentives designed to stimulate growth and development in selected areas within California by providing business incentives. The program seeks to promote job creation, attract new investment, and retain businesses in particular areas. The Enterprise Zone program has created thousands of jobs annually in government-targeted economic development areas.

    Major Enterprise Zones:
         ▪ Anaheim
         ▪ Hollywood

 ▪ Los Angeles
 ▪ Oakland
 ▪ Pasadena
 ▪ San Diego
 ▪ San Francisco
 ▪ San Jose
 ▪ Santa Ana
 ▪ Santa Clarita



Dental Office - San Jose
A dentist office with 17 employees previously claimed $15,000 of Enterprise Zone hiring tax credits. KBKG was engaged to review the dentist’s purchases, tax returns, human resource records and payroll for any additional benefits. KBKG’s team was able to identify additional hiring credits by focusing on qualifying criteria beyond the employees’ residences at hire.

Results: Total refunds for the project were approximately $100,000,
and KBKG was subsequently engaged to provide a cost segregation study.

This closely-held S-corporation had 45 clerical employees and previously worked with a provider to identify any qualified employees. The provider did not find any tax credits for the company. The company’s CPA had worked with KBKG on cost segregation projects and asked KBKG to perform an analysis of the records.

Results: KBKG coordinated a refund claim for the corporation
and its shareholders of approximately $250,000.

  How to Get Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

KBKG’s free preliminary analysis estimates the benefits for a business located in an Enterprise Zone. The first step in obtaining an analysis is to provide us with addresses of all of your California locations. We will screen these locations for tax incentives.
KBKG will then identify, document and support Enterprise Zone refund claims and prepare future tax credits proactively to be filed with the return.

“The average tax credit per employee is $10,000 per employee, per year.”
Rob Campbell, Director of Employment Tax Credits, KBKG

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